Over 100 Years of History....

The Calais Family at the Dew Drop Inn, 1934The building which houses the J-N-G Grill has an interesting history and has been an important part of New Philadelphia for over 100 years.

John, Nick, & George Comanita, founding brothers of the J-N-G GrillOriginally the building was a duplex with a grocery on one side and the family living quarters on the other. In 1934, the Calais family from Midvale, Ohio purchased the building and turned the grocery store into the Dew Drop Inn which ultimately became a favorite neighborhood “watering hole” for many years.

George Comanita, tending barIn 1947 the Comanita family purchased the property and renamed the business J-N-G Grill in honor of the three brothers: John, Nick and George. The brothers were active in the business for many years and the J-N-G quickly became the place to go to meet friends and have a cocktail and sandwich after the local high school game. It was also the first "sports bar" in the area before such venues became more commonplace. Numerous photos of John, Nick and George can be found on this site and the walls of the Grill. Be sure to check them out and stop by for more J-N-G Grill history.

J-N-G Grill
Since 1947